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2019 C. Allin Cornell CERRA Award

Prof. Michael Havbro Faber

Aalborg University, Denmark

The world is undergoing significant changes, with population and economic growth accelerating in regions prone to significant natural hazards and susceptible to environmental impacts, all occurring with the background of a changing climate characterized by deep uncertainties.  Risk-informed decision-making is becoming an essential ingredient in the way that civil infrastructure is designed and constructed to address performance goals related to safety and functionality.  
Professor Faber has dedicated his career to promoting novel methods of risk-informed decision making in civil engineering for the benefit of society and has strived to harmonize such methods with future demands for sustainability and resilience.   His scholarly contributions to risk and reliability analysis are numerous, and as an engineering scientist and educator, he has greatly advanced the civil engineering profession in the service of mankind.  His fundamental contributions to creating practical bases for economical design in the face of uncertainty and risk, his education of the next generation of engineers and scientists, and his leadership through organizations such as the JCSS, IFED and the World Economic Forum epitomize the spirit of Allin Cornell and the work of CERRA since the inception of the ICASP conferences in 1971.

Citation for C. Allin Cornell Award:

“In recognition of his pioneering contributions in the field of engineering decision making, emphasizing optimal use of resources, environmental issues, sustainability and the ethical treatment of human safety”

2019 CERRA Student Recognition Awards

After reviewing the papers and online presentation materials submitted by the applicants, the Student Award Committee selected the following students as the awardees. Please click the awardee's name to watch the presentation material.

Call for Nominations for the C. Allin Cornell Award


The C. Allin Cornell Award Selection Committee is soliciting nominations of outstanding candidates for this Award, to be given at the upcoming ICASP13 Conference in Seoul, South Korea, May 26 – 30, 2019.  

Starting in 1987, once every four years at each International Conference on Applications of Statistics and Probability in Civil Engineering (ICASP), the international Civil Engineering Risk and Reliability Association (CERRA) has recognized an individual for contributions made to the development of risk and reliability methods in civil engineering through the "CERRA Award."  In 2009, the Board of Directors of CERRA unanimously voted to rename the CERRA Award to the "C. Allin Cornell Award" in recognition of the seminal contributions of late Professor C. Allin Cornell (1938-2007) of Stanford University to the field of risk and reliability analysis. The Award recognizes the selected person's outstanding contributions to the science and/or application of risk and reliability theory relevant to civil engineering.

Past recipients of the CERRA Award and the C. Allin Cornell Award, along with the location of the Conference where the award was made, are as follows:


  • C. Allin Cornell, Vancouver, Canada (1987)

  • Rudiger Rackwitz, Mexico City, Mexico (1991)

  • Ove Ditlevsen, Paris, France (1995)

  • Armen Der Kiureghian, Sydney, Australia (1999)

  • Michael Hasofer and Niels Lind (lifetime achievement award), Sydney, Australia (1999)

  • Yi-Kwei Wen, San Francisco, CA, USA (2003)

  • Hiroyuki Kameda, Tokyo, Japan (2007)

  • Ton Vrouwenvelder, Zurich, Switzerland (2011)

  • Gordon Fenton, Vancouver, Canada (2015)

  • Bruce Ellingwood (lifetime achievement award), Vancouver, Canada (2015)



Award Nomination Rules


An award nomination shall consist of a nomination letter (limited to one page in length) and up to two letters of endorsement (each limited to one page in length).  Curriculum vitae or other documentation will not be considered. The nominee’s doctoral advisor is ineligible to submit or endorse a nomination; nor will self-nominations be considered. 


The Committee for 2019 consists of former award recipients: 



The entire nomination package should be submitted in a single PDF file to the Co-Chairs of the Award Committee, Bruce R. Ellingwood ( and Gordon Fenton (, by April 15, 2019. The Committee will review the nominations and make a final selection in early May.  

Guidelines for CERRA Student Recognition Awards


Starting with ICASP 11 in 2011, CERRA also introduced the "CERRA Student Recognition Award". The award is given in recognition of scientific contributions and personal merits of student researchers and may, besides a certificate, include financial support.



Requirements & Deadlines

The lead student author of an accepted paper is eligible to compete for a 2019 CERRA Student Recognition Award. Please see below for the details of the competition.


  • Email the Competition Committee Chair, Dr. Won Hee Kang ( by March 15, 2019 to express your interest in participating in the competition and attending the ICASP13 conference in person. The Chair will reply to your email for a confirmation.

  • Submit the URL of a 15-minute online video clip (e.g. YouTube) to the Competition Committee Chair by March 29, 2019. The maximum duration of the video clip is 15 minutes.

  • The video clip must be a slide show with your narration (no exceptions). If you use Powerpoint (recommended), the instructions at might be helpful. Powerpoint allows you to save the slide show including narration as a video clip, which you can upload to YouTube and create a URL for sharing.

  • The list of the awardees will be posted at the conference website by April 15, 2019. The awardees will be notified by individual emails as well.





  • Each of the awardees will receive an award certificate and will be listed in the official conference program.

  • The awardees who actually attend the conference will receive a complimentary banquet ticket at the registration desk, and a cash prize during a ceremonial event.


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