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Registration Schedule


  1. Early Registration: 01/07/2019~02/28/2019

  2. Regular Registration: 03/01/2019~05/20/2019

  3. Contact Authors (Speakers) Registration: 01/07/2019~03/31/2019

  4. On-Site Registration: 05/26/2019~05/29/2019


Registration Fees

                                                                                                                                                                                (unit: KRW)
















General Rules and Information


  • All Contact Authors (speakers) are required to complete their paid registrations until March 31, 2019. 

  • In order to be included in the final conference program and proceedings, each of the accepted full papers should be associated with a paid registration.

  • Please note the base fee of a “Full” or “Students” registration includes the right to present one accepted paper in the conference and proceedings. If an author wishes to present two papers through a single paid registration, “Additional Paper Fee” is applied to the second paper. A single paid registration (with or without the additional paper fee) can cover only up to two papers.

  • Bookings for Banquet and Social Tours are open to the registered delegates only, and could be closed early due to the limited number of available seats. 

  • The participants who would like to purchase Banquet and Tour tickets for accompanying persons can purchase up to two tickets (including the one for him/herself) per each event. 



Notice to Participants Who Need VISA-supporting Letters:

If a registered participant needs a letter from the Organizing Committee for their visa application process, please contact the ICASP13 registration secretariat at .

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